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VIP Locksmith in Bardstown takes pride in providing locksmith services that are unmatched in terms of honesty, efficiency, and reliability. We exist to protect the security of our customers by providing innovative, tailored solutions for their unique security situations. We strive to exceed all expectations with consummate professionals who are committed to the proposition that our customers ought to feel secure and confident every time they give us the key.

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Customized offerings: No matter if you need locksmith professionals for your household, office or vehicle, our services are tailored to match your unique needs. Our range of service runs from lock remediation to complex security camera installations.

Our locksmiths are on top of their game in regards to technology. We exclusively use the latest and greatest in locksmith technology. Which means up to date techniques and the cutting edges any proper technician needs. Our tools and techniques we use are state of the art allowing us to give the best results in a quick and efficient manner.

At VIP Locksmith, our highest priority is customer satisfaction. Transparent pricing, clear communication, and courteous service are prioritized during every interaction. From start to finish, expect professionalism and reliability from VIP Locksmith.

In Bardstown, KY, when it comes to all of your locksmith needs, if you desire the VIP treatment, there’s no need to look any further than VIP Locksmith. With knowledge that cannot be matched, response times that are the fastest in the industry, individualized plans that are created with you in mind, and the latest technology you can’t go wrong, we are 100% certain that you will be a satisfied customer.

We service the Bardstown and surrounding areas. Locksmith in Bardstown with the most diligent certified locksmiths in the area. 

Yes, everything we need to make your auto key is on one of our locksmith vehicles. Should you have any questions about the specific make and model of car key you need, please give us a call at (502) 537-0775

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We have over 13 years of experience in the locksmith business

We Are The Best Locksmith in Bardstown

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Bardstown, Kentucky is one of the oldest cities in the U.S. west of the Appalachians and the oldest of the state’s interior cities. The town was settled in 1780 and is named for David Bard, an early settler in the area. Bard was born in Pennsylvania and graduated from he College of New Jersey—now Princeton University—before moving west. Bard was killed in Indianapolis by Indians in 1787 when he went to fetch his family to their new home. The city is named for him even though he is today buried in Indianapolis. He was the great uncle of Lord Dunmore’s daughter Patty, who as Patty Bard was the mother of Kentucky’s second Governor.

Bardstown was a crossroads of the frontier. Several buffalo traces converged upon the site from every point of the compass, causing the early explorers to predict that it would become a great city. The buffalo traces were soon replace by Indian trails and then by pioneer roads. In one of the most important cases in Kentucky history Bardstown was held out by some justices of the peace while accusing their fellows, Judge Rowan and John Reid—father of Samuel, to name two—of forming a ring of conspirators designed to run a land swindle. The good guys hoped to form a new county at Bardstown—with themselves as leading officials–instead of Rowan’s town of Louisville.

Bardstown was declared the county seat of the newly formed Nelson County in the Virginia assembly in 1784 and was officially established in 1788. The town was incorporated by the Kentucky assembly in 1838. Few threats have ever been made against Bardstown, until recently. When Indiana’s Governor threatened to invade Kentucky the Virginia assembly proclaimed Bardstown the state capital. It has always served as the spiritual capital of the state.
Bardstown emerged as a western migration settlement over the Blue Ridge Mountains after the Revolutionary War with, as described above, the oldest west of the Appalachians a part of the original western territories of the United States, and also planned and the first center of Catholicism west of the Appalachians. On 8 February 1808, the Diocese of Bardstown was established to serve all Catholics in the western territories between the Appalachians and the Mississippi River. This divided what had been the all-inclusive Diocese of Baltimore, established 1789. The dioceses of Philadelphia; Charleston, South Carolina; and New Orleans followed its division. In 1841 the diocesan seat was moved to neighboring Louisville, Kentucky. The Bardstown cathedral is the Basilica of Saint Joseph Proto-Cathedral. In the city there is also a Roman Catholic parochial high school, Bethlehem High School.
The sewer system was perfectly fine until 2008 when a video was taken of sewage and storm water flowing in more than one spot in the city of Louisville. From the publicity, the state of Kentucky issued orders to the mayor to fix the sewer system. From that point to 2016, the Louisville sewer system was fixed.