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We are your local Locksmith in Camp Taylor, KY service. For us this means traveling to you for your convenience.

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VIP Locksmith in Camp Taylor prides itself on the provision of locksmith services that are peerless in terms of honesty, productivity, and consistency. We exist to preserve our customers’ security by devising inventive, custom solutions for their unique security wants and needs. We aim, in every instance, to go over and above and beyond expectations set by anyone else because our consummate professionals are working for the proposition that our customers deserve nothing less than secure, confident feelings every time they let us lend a hand with their keys.

We Are The Best Locksmith In Camp Taylor

What sets us apart:

Unparalleled Skill: Our team consists of highly educated and accredited individuals, with years in the field and a couple of decades practicing the art, you can’t go wrong. You can depend on us to get you out of the hole with your lock and handle it right.

Immediate Answer: We understand that emergency lockouts can occur at any time, which is why we offer quick and reliable 24/7 emergency locksmith service, ensuring that assistance is always a phone call away.

Tailored Services: Whether you need locksmiths for your home, office, or vehicle, we customize our services to meet your specific needs. Our services range from lock repairs to intricate security camera installations.

When it comes to technology, our locksmiths are at their peak. Only the best and greatest locksmith technology is used at our business. This effectively guarantees that the best techniques are up to date and present whenever a technician is needed for someone. We use tools and techniques that are of the time and the moment, allowing the best results quickly and efficiently.

Our number one commitment at VIP Locksmith is that we meet the satisfaction of each of our customers. Each interaction we have is characterized by an emphasis on clear communication, transparently explained pricing and unmatched customer service. From beginning to end, at VIP Locksmith, reliability and professionalism are the standard of service you should expect.

Look no further than VIP Locksmith for all of your locksmith needs in Camp Taylor, KY if you want the VIP treatment. Not only do our dedicated locksmiths match skill sets that can’t be beaten, but they promise a lightning-fast response time to get you back on your schedule as soon as possible. Why wait any longer to have your security needs met? Call our experts today in Camp Taylor and they’ll create a custom security plan that you’ll love.

We service the Camp Taylor and surrounding areas. Locksmith in Camp Taylor with the most diligent certified locksmiths in the area. 

Yes, everything we need to make your auto key is on one of our locksmith vehicles. Should you have any questions about the specific make and model of car key you need, please give us a call at (502) 537-0775

  • Business Locksmith Services
  • Home Re-keying
  • Key Duplication
  • Vehicle Unlocking
  • Unlock Sentrysafe
  • Automobile Keys

We have over 13 years of experience in the locksmith business

We Are The Best Locksmith in Camp Taylor

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Camp Taylor, a former military base, is a neighborhood roughly six miles southeast of downtown Louisville, Kentucky. The camp was first announced on June 11, 1917, and was initially named for former president Zachary Taylor. At its peak, it was the largest US military training camp, with 47,500 men at a time on a property that had been largely farmland.

Most of the camp was torn down after World War I and a working-class residential neighborhood was built in its place, made up mostly of small bungalows and Cape Cod homes, many of which were built or bought by soldiers returning from the war. Many of the other buildings in the neighborhood were built out of wood and other materials from the teardown. In 1950, the neighborhood was annexed by Louisville.