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Your Local Locksmith

We routinely go out to Anchorage, KY. For us this means traveling eastbound on the 71 and then a little on I265, depending on where you are. 

Our average arrival time for a locksmith (if we are not already dispatched to another location), is just 25 minutes from central Louisville. 

We’ve never had a shop in Anchorage but we routinely go there every month. We are about 25 minutes from your location depending on where you are in Anchorage, KY. This means that we can arrive at most locksmith service calls there within one hour. 

Yes, everything we need to make your auto key is on one of our locksmith vehicles. Should you have any questions about the specific make and model of car key you need, please give us a call at (502) 537-0775

  • Business Locksmith Services
  • Home Re-keying
  • Key Duplication
  • Vehicle Unlocking
  • Unlock Sentrysafe
  • Automobile Keys

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