Vehicle Unlocking

So you’re having a regular day and then lose your keys or leave them inside of your car. Please make sure you are in a safe location while you wait for us to come out and unlock your vehicle.

We are able to respond to most requests for vehicle unlocking in the Louisville area in under an hour.

Get fast help when you give us a call. Please do let our staff know if you need a new auto key made as well. If so, please also include the make and model of vehicle so we make sure we have the right key blank for you when we come out to you.

Vehicle Unlocking

We understand that you did not plan to get locked out of your car today. Vehicle unlocking is usually and emergency locksmith service we provide. As such, we like to charge a fair rate since this is an unforeseen expense for you.

Get the best pricing on your automotive unlocking when you call VIP Locksmith at (502) 537-0775

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We arrive to complete most vehicle unlocking within one hour. This is based on being in the general Louisville, Kentucky area and the call being during normal business hours. Overnight or early morning calls may result in a slight delay but we are staffed for your emergency vehicle unlocking needs.

Any kind of car that you need unlocked we can handle. 

There are no cars we know of that we can't perform a vehicle unlocking service on. 

Transponder keys contain a microchip that must be near the ignition column or the vehicle will not start.

Spotting one of these keys is fairly simple. With a transponder key the plastic around the base of the key will be more dense and weigh quite a bit more than a key would without one.

However, any key could be a transponder key. Oftentimes, just looking up your make and model of key will provide this information as well. 

These are usually transponder keys. Also commonly referred to as "chip keys". 

Over time, any key will simply stop working. As soon as you start to lose the shape of the key, this could cause some serious issues.

Think of this, over time your key has been ground against the tumblers inside of the locks and smashed into your pocket. That's just before factoring in any actual damage. Oh what a world to see, the life of a key and all the places it has traveled. 

Overall, just general wear and tear is the underlining issue that causes a key to need replaced. 

On average these keys can cost anywhere from $120-$300 but please do call for a direct quote.